Coaching – For Those Searching

Coaching for:

Everyone wants to gets obstacles out of the way and is searching to be better.

People taking a look at life

When things are not going smoothly

Seeking why Attraction isn’t working

Obstacles are in the way

Wondering about God and the Universe

Looking for balance

Seeking a better understanding

Have questions on spiritual matters

Whatever the exploration that is wanted it is beneficial to have a coach be all about you.  Where do you want to go, who do you want to be, and what are the ways to make it happen.  Often people do not take a look at them selves and often let the world happen to them instead of happening to the world.

Ownership Coaching which is  Professional Coaching for Individuals, Professionals, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs:

Do you ever say or think:

•I am done just
wanting what everyone else has in my life or career and I am ready to take the
next steps right now

• I want to create
and attain the amazing personal or professional goals, yet I’m not yet sure how
to do it or where to start

•I am tired of
feeling stuck in the same old routine or stopped and I am ready move forward at
all times.

•I am ready to make
changes, get the obstacles out of the way, and absolutely what I am doing.

  • I want home and work life balanced



Leadership Development Coaching for High Potential Managers:

Do you wonder?

•I am seeking a
promotion and want to gain a competitive edge

•I want to stand out
from the competition for advancement at work

•I am very successful
at my job, but my “people skills” could be better

•I want to learn how
to manage and keep employees engaged with excellence and ease!

•I’ve recently been
promoted, and I’m feeling pulled in too many different directions, I want more

•I find I have more
to do, less time to do it and the quality of my work is at risk. How can I stay
focused, avoid distractions and get more done in less time with fewer


Who listens and guides  managers?  Are you looking for the following:

•I am looking for a trusted adviser and go-to expert in understanding “what makes people tick” to
join my team who will offer insight and practical tools I can use immediately to easily meet the demands of my position

•I am a  leader seeking to develop my leadership skills to achieve an executive position in my

  • Can senior management be in touch with the
    frontline employees?  What can I do to
    make this happen?  How the employees stay

•I excel at 80% of what I do … it’s the demands of others I feel challenged with – I want to
better understand the obstacles and go after the potential of all.

•It’s “lonely at the top” and I need an objective, unbiased, professional who will assist me in
achieving my personal and professional goals. I need someone that is a confidential at all times.

•    I want my home and work life balanced

This program has 30 years of research behind it in identifying obstacles, stopping factors and getting back on track.

This program is about going after your goals and being accountable for the action steps.

Atletes, professionals. executives, actors, arts, musicians get coaches.

Every week being accountable and getting the encouragement deserved.

Let’s get it done- together.

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