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Keep Your Employees

Posted on 03/20/12 by Liz Cosline No Comments

Employees are an amazing resource.  As they put in years they gain an incredible amount of knowledge.  Not just the technical aspects of the job but all the little mostly unnoticed I’ll call little things.  However these little things make life easier and are rarely talked about.  The location of needed keys, the rolodex with […]

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Checklist for Business Teams

Posted on 02/06/12 by Liz Cosline No Comments

Here is your checklist: Are your employees coming to work every day at a high percentage? Are they late often? Are they quitting? Have you reviewed your employee handbook and has it updated? Do your frontline managers know what’s in it? Do your supervisors have the skills, knowledge and trust to confidently make decisions on […]

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Why Do Employees Want to Leave?

Posted on 10/28/11 by Liz Cosline 1 Comment

The more and more employee engagement and business is talked about the more and more it is clear that employee engagement must be addressed right away by companies.  The Society of Human Resources has stated that a survey revels that about 70% of employees want to leave their jobs.  But why would employees want to […]

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