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Of course, you want to find what works not only in life, but in every day work scenarios.  That’s where training progams, resources, new ways of thinking comes in.


Life Ownership Coaching     —– Take a look for individual coaching.


From the Front Management™  Training Program –  when going after bringing out the potential from your teams.



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 Life’s Promises


Yes Absolutely Yes!  It’s All About YOU


Transcendental Sojourn – Arrival to One Journal


Notice for Arrival


Unexpected Knowing


One Voice


The only way you can break the cycles that stop you is to stop and take a look  and uncover what it is that causes you to veer of course or your team to veer off course. 

Because how you think and process data determines precisely the direction you take in life and career.
If you think something positive cannot happen in your life, then that will be correct.
On the other hand if you truly believe great things are waiting for you around the next corner then that too will happen.


You see, you already have the power you need to steer your life to wherever you want it to go. You just have to decide whether that place will be a positive fulfilling place or a negative one.  What you may need is some tools and techniques.


The choice is truly yours.



Don’t just take my word for it – check out these real-life testimonials:


‘This was an eye-opening amazing book. After the author had a near-death experience, she discovered that the world is about us as people. It is about spirituality. Her words made me look at how the world evolves in a whole new light. It changed the way I view the people around me. The book is written in a journal format and details the authors point of view in her own words.’ – Deanna


‘An earnest plea for peace, optimism, and spiritual connection.
…Rather the volume strings together several moving meditations on trust, love, betrayal, divorce and the author’s relationship with God. …the most interesting subjects are Cosline and her relationships. …It is the lovely moments of confession and nostalgia that the reader will most eagerly hold on….’ – Kirkus Discoveries. Nielsen Business Media.


‘Life is something one often takes for granted. Ask Liz, who after a near death experience, decides to really stop and embrace the full aroma life offers. She searches for that spirituality and purpose that drives us. By embracing life and staying open to the many possibilities, one can wake to create, recognize and live.
Transcendental Sojourn-Arrival to One Journal is a learning stage that opens up one’s heart and permits that inner search of self. I found it held many stages in learning to grow and balance out daily living. Liz Cosline sketches her step into self-discovery to show that life has simple pleasures to offer. Her concept of learning to trust, just as a child does a parent, is glowingly reflected as one searches her heart to learn compassion. Her words touched me and gave me considerable thought. They made me rethink daily life, as well as everyone and everything that surrounds us in this encouraging read.’ – Cherokee, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


I promise your situation is not unique. And more importantly – your situation is NOT hopeless.
Here’s How ‘Transcendental Sojourn: Arrival To One Journal’ Can Help You Get Break The Negative Cycles Imprisoning You Starting Today…


 “Transcendental Sojourn: Arrival To One Journal”  gives you a step-by-step formula for getting your life back on track and headed in the direction deep down you want it to go. It’s different than anything else you’ve seen. This program has taken a near death experience and several months to develop.



• How to unlock amazing possibilities in your life


• How to develop a truly peripheral vision so that people you lead are transformed by your life as well


• The key to generating real power over your life


• How to truly trust others and get them to trust you in return


• How to begin happening to the world instead of just letting the world happen to you plus, lots and lots more


  • Leading great teams


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From the Front Management      Training Porgram


Before long you will be learning from this breakthrough information and using it to steer your life , career, and teams back in the direction you want them to be!


Liz Cosline


P.S. If you continue to view and live your life the same way, you’re going to keep getting the same results you always have. What I’m offering you is the easiest way to see for yourself how my life secrets can help you find real meaning in your life, to have a sense of real purpose what your life is all about and to be genuinely happy while figuring it all out.


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