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Liz has been in business management for over 23 years receiving several awards. She worked in different industries such as healthcare and transportation.  She has appeared on many radio and speaking engagements.   She continues to write books, poetry, articles on team building, plus share her thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud”.

In her over 23 years she has devised motivational skills for employees and for management that allows all to succeed.   She writes articles on this subject about motivating employees, respect of employees, and a host of other subjects.  She is now an internationally known and published author, Life Ownership Coach, and speaker.  Liz coaches individuals to the balance of life, achievement of goals, action plans through an amazing program with 30 years of research behind it.

A program has been developed to address the training of the front line manager to have managers recognize team building as an art.

This is an E-book on Liz’s philosophy of team building-  Team Building – Myth or Magic?

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Liz believes that together people can accomplish and have anything.

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I recently went through a wrenching experience with my family. My daughter, her son, and her husband lived with me and my husband. Although we had been living with my daughter and her son for over three years and with her husband in the mix for a year, we had failed to find a peaceful way to be together in the home. There were very different expectations for each of us, and our communication with each other was poor. The tension was very high, and we all were increasingly unhappy. My grandson was acting out with behavioral problems. My daughter was in nursing school and my commitment to her and her father, who had passed away the previous year was that I would help her until she finished. This was a year and a half away. Her husband was a construction worker and did not have an adequate income to support his family by himself. My husband was the main support of the household.

I found myself in an untenable situation. My husband was threatening to leave. I did not know how to bring this explosive situation to a place of reconciliation. Every day that passed brought us closer to an irreparable rupture in the relationships. I dreaded what each day would bring.

I contacted Liz Cosline to ask her what I should do. I knew she was a life coach, but I really didn’t understand that life coaching was suitable for the kind of situation I was in. I thought it was more suited to exploring ones personal life, rather than dealing in conflict resolution.

Liz suggested that we meet as a group with her as mediator, or coach. All had to agree to the process, and we did. The meetings were tough for all of us. But over several days, with her coaching and guiding, each of us moved from an entrenched, emotional and unyielding stance, to one of open communication and willingness to seek solutions that would benefit us all and be fair to all. I admit that I was very skeptical that we could find any acceptable resolution. But in the end we established a plan of action that we all signed off on.

When I look back on that experience, I am amazed at the skill, empathy, understanding, and discipline that Liz brought to the process.  She expertly guided us through the mine field, allowing each of us to safely express ourselves, requiring that we listen to each other respectfully, and ultimately helping us to find a place of mutual agreement.

Although my experience with Liz was of a personal nature, I know that the process that we went through with her can be invaluable in many different situations. Whether in our work lives, or in our personal lives, most of our success or failure pivots on our relationships. When things go awry we often do not know what to do to make them right again.

Call Liz. Do not waste one minute in conflict. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is simply the best at what she does.

                                                                           ~B~  (non-disclosed)